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Tomlin Mill One Stop
1025 Tomlin Mill Rd Statesville, NC 28625 (704)876-4440

Local Business Center

In this area: Coming soon: addition of a post office box system for recieving mail directly to the store for pickup at your convenience.

Family Area

Picnic and pet-friendly areas available 24/7 with lights and access to water spigot. Plenty of room to run or play a game of catch to stretch out on those long trips.

*Dog not included

24hr Pay at the Pump

Gas options: 87/89/93 octane and Sunoco brand Race Fuel
Road Legal Diesel: Normal-flow and High-flow (large nozzel) pumps. Only 15ppm at most of sulfur. Recommended for us in ALL diesel vehicles and engines.
Off-Road diesel - dyed fuel for non-highway use. May exceed 500ppm of sulfur. Federal law prohibits use in highway vehicles or engines.
Enjoy a large selection of local and regional wines hand selected by the owner of the store by personally tasting and approving each variety. Many brands to choose from.
Take advantage of the many souvenirs and novelty items also located in our store. The wide selections allows you to find a gift for most anyone, including yourself!
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